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Companies in Residence

Artistic directors: Ibeth Donado and Edwin Suarez


Tierra Colombiana Folkloric Dance Company Artistic Directors: Ibeth Donado, Caterina Oliveri & Edwin Suarez

Tierra Colombiana was founded in 1992 by Guilibaldo Criollo, Martha Jiménez and Gabriel Rodríguez. Its mission is to present and promote the artistic culture of Colombia in all its authenticity through dance, music and theater. The company's further mission is to promote this culture through young aspiring Chicago and greater Illinois artists via workshops, seminars, classes with national and international performances, in an educational and cultural exchange, based on the need for Colombian cultural awareness.

As the premier Colombian folklore company in Chicago and the Midwest, Tierra Colombiana encourages fresh, artistic creativity to present and promote the dynamics of the Colombian culture as expressed by the character of the people, across geographic lines. Through the rich and pure mediums of music and dance, the social diversity of Colombia can be translated to all.

Tierra Colombiana has been praised by critics in Illinois for its authenticity of Colombian culture and is made possible through Rico Music and Dance Studio, where workshops, classes and rehearsals all take place. To become involved in Tierra Colombiana, please contact the school directly.

Estampa Colombiana Folkloric Dance Company

Founded in 1999 and located in the city of Chicago, Estampa Colombiana Folkloric Dance Company is a spirited group of young individuals promoting the culture of Colombia, South America. Using traditional folkloric music from five different regions of Colombia, ECFDC translates movement for their diverse audiences in honor of cultural roots. We help our audience see the positive impact of the Spanish, Black and Indian heritage that synthesizes to form the Colombian culture. The goals of ECFDC are to increase awareness, to educate and instill pride in our children and to entertain those who are eager to learn. Our Colombian rhythms, movements and vibrant costumes will delight and enchant all.

Onyx Hip Hop Dance Company

Onyx Hip Hop Dance Company has been in residence at Rico Dance Studio for several years. Onyx is talented, young dancers who have evolved from other Chicago dance companies and united for competitions and national touring. They are available for private and group hip hop lessons. Please contact the school for more information and ask for Teddy.